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Love And Rockets – Slice Of Life
Fiddler’s Green
Denver, CO

The Coachella line-up was announced a couple of days ago and the band that stood out the most for me was Love And Rockets. I’m going to bet they are playing a Los Angeles show either before or after their Coachella appearance, so I’ll probably hold out for tickets to that instead, but it will be interesting to see if it leads to touring and a new record.

Download: Love And Rockets – Slice Of Life (Live Video)

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  1. Great video: I have a request. My brother saw L&R in the 80s and I remember him telling me about the show and said that before they went on, L&R came on in bee costumes and did a funny bee song. I saw this tour in 1996 and was looking for the bee song, but no dice. In some of the earlier L&R album art have bee sketches along with the lyrics. Do you know the deal with L&R and bees and do you have a recording of any of these bee songs? If so, please place in a future post.

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