Duran Duran is in NYC for a 10 day set of shows in a small theater on Broadway as a precursor to the release of their forthcoming album, Red Carpet Massacre. The first set was the new album in its entirety, which, sounds quite good. I thought it odd that the band in general wasn’t selling it very hard with a pretty stoic delivery from Simon and the Gang. He did get a bit animated, though, when a projection screen bonked him on the head as it was being lowered down between tracks.

The second set started with the 4 members behind a line of keyboards on podiums ala Kraftwerk where they played several good but unfamiliar (to me) tracks except when they went into The Normals “Warm Leatherette”. That was a nice surprise, which, probably was not as appreciated by the first 12 rows of overly enthusiastic hand waving women as it was by me. That “Warm Leatherette” cover and the rest of the Kraftwerk-esque set was the highlight for me and also played better into their subdued stage show. In case you are wondering, they mercifully played no tracks off of the DD cover album, Thank You. (What exactly were they on when they thought to cover Public Enemy’s “911 is a Joke”!?!). The second part of the second set then went into Rio, Notorious, Come Undone, etc. For some reason, the clear crowd favorites were “Notorious” and Reach (Into the Sun), which I had never heard. Sadly, no “Wild Boys” or “New Moon on Monday” but there was some of my other DD favs “Girls on Film” and “View to a Kill” in the set.
[audio: http://thesoundofindie.com/archive/2007/20071113/DD-ViewToAKill.mp3|titles=View To A Kill (Live)|artists=Duran Duran]
Download: Duran Duran – View To A Kill (Live)


  1. Yip. I recorded it as a 24bit wav using a Roland R-09 digital recorder using the built-in mics. I then EQ’ed and dithered it down to 16 bit using Sound Forge. Other examples using R-09 are the recent live postings of: Xiu Xiu, MLWTKK, Dean and Britta, Film School, the Five Cents.

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