The Monday Set: Slowdive – Oslo, Norway – 10/18/93

Oslo, Norway

Here’s another live set from my big box of cassettes that I got around to converting last weekend. I would guess I got this in a trade back in ’96 or ’97, so it’s been sitting around for a while. The sound on this one is actually pretty good except for one obnoxious guy in the crowd constantly proclaiming his love for Alison.

Set List:
1. Machine Gun
2. Souvlaki Space Station
3. Slowdive
4. Avalyn
5. Catch The Breeze
6. Mellon Yellow
7. Morningrise
8. She Calls

Sample: Morningrise (Live)

Download: Slowdive – Oslo, Norway – 10/18/93 – 259 MB

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