Nancy Sinatra – Sugar Town

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Nancy Sinatra – Sugar Town

Lee Hazlewood died last month so it seems fitting to post something from the late great maverick songwriter, producer, and performer. He is most renowned for his extensive production for, at first, Duane Eddy and later songwriting/producing for Nancy Sinatra. His production skills were such that he had Phil Specter snooping around his studio sessions trying to steel his production tricks. He also has numerous very notable solo albums as well as duet albums with Nancy. This particular track, “Sugartown” about LSD along with perhaps “Mellow Yellow”, has to be one of the thinest veiled drug songs to be a mainstream hit.

Current Lee Hazlewood adherents and bands doing covers are many and include: Primal Scream, Lydia Lunch, Luna, Sonic Youth, Jonathan Fire*Eater, and Einsturzende Neubauten to name a few. Normally I would pick an obscure cover version of a Lee Hazlewood track but Nancy is sooo smokin’ in this video it would be a great disservice to the good viewers of The Sound Of Indie not to show the original.

Download: Nancy Sinatra – Sugar Town (Video)

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