Cornelius – Star Fruit Surf Rider (Live)

I remember the first time I tried to find a Cornelius record. It must have been ’96 or ’97 and I went downtown in Minneapolis to “Let It Be” records and asked if they had anything by Cornelius. They told me “They don’t carry stuff like that.” A year or so later, they had “Fantasma” as one of their featured records. I can’t say I was sorry when I heard they were closing down, they always pissed me off. But enough about crummy record stores…I think the Cornelius show at The El Rey is probably the best live show I’ve seen in the past year. Absolutely amazing. This recording is from 1999 in London at ULU, which I’m assuming was for the “Fantasma” tour.
[audio:|titles=Star Fruit Surf Rider (Live)|artists=Cornelius]
Download: Cornelius – Star Fruit Surf Rider (Live)

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