Baby Dayliner – Silent Places (Video)

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Baby Dayliner – Silent Places

Here is a video for NYC based phenom Baby Dayliner. Yesterday I saw Baby Dayliner at Mercury Lounge in NYC and felt compelled to spread his gospel a bit. Baby D, as he is called by the NY faithful can be summed up as 1 part new wave Harry Connick Jr, 1 part Boz Skags, and 1 part Jay-Z, due to his “mad flow”, all with a dusting of a sexy R. Kelly vibe. Live in concert, the smooth delivery of his tracks coupled with his deft dance moves makes Baby D a veritable swoon-machine for the ladies. The track “Silent Places” isn’t his best but the video is major league sweetness. The video for “Raid” is also notable in its lo-fi splendor.

Download: Baby Dayliner – Silent Places (Video)

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