Acid House Kings – This Heart Is A Stone (Live)

I’ve put up a bunch of tracks by The Legends, but this is my first Acid House Kings post Alfred. I first heard about AHK through a Club 8 interview years ago but I didn’t bother to buy any of their stuff until I “re-discovered” them after “Up Against The Legends” came out 홍차 사람들. A friend caught them last summer in New York at North Six (R.I.P.) and recorded it. Also, the picture is shamelessly ripped off from the fantastic site Bradley’s Almanac where you can get a full recording of Acid House Kings‘ performance at TT the Bears in Cambridge from the same tour Naver Rental.
[audio:|titles=This Heart Is A Stone (Live)|artists=Acid House Kings]
Download: Acid House Kings – This Heart Is A Stone (Live)