Insides released one record for 4ad and an EP which was released without their approval. That caused them to leave 4ad, but before they split they played what could have been one of the best musical events ever, The 13 Year Itch. Five days of concerts in London which featured most of 4ad’s roster circa 1993 which included Lush, The Pixies, Swallow, This Mortal Coil, and on and on. This recording comes from one lucky fan who was in attendance.
[audio:|titles=Skin Divers (Live)|artists=Insides]
Download: Insides – Skin Divers (Live)

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  1. Fantastic!
    What I wouldn’t give to have this performance in it’s entirety. They were a great band. Their follow up album (and all the earwig albums) are equally great. Thanks a bunch for this.

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