Operation Ivy – Healthy Body Sick Mind (Live Video)

[flv:http://www.thesoundofindie.com/archive/2007/20070302/OpIvy-HealthyBodySickMind.flv http://www.thesoundofindie.com/archive/2007/20070302/20070302.jpg 426 320]

Operation Ivy – Healthy Body Sick Mind
Portland, OR

Yeah, I used to like ska Spokane Sans. I was once in a band (years and years and years ago) that did an Op Ivy cover. I’m not too proud to admit it. The only ska bands that I really liked were Operation Ivy and, for some reason, Voodoo Glow Skulls Download Google Chrome videos. Listening to them again, Operation Ivy aged much better than Voodoo Glow Skulls, that’s for sure.

On a technical note, I usually use Handbrake to rip DVD chapters and use Videora to convert it to mp4, but when I come across a DVD that doesn’t break each song up into individual chapters, it’s a huge pain in the ass Download iptime router. I was using VirtualDubMod to extract rip the clip from the DVD, editing it in Premiere, then exporting it as a DV file, but Videora iPod Converter doesn’t like the color space apparently, so it only converts it to an audio file 레드햇 6.8 다운로드. Up until this point, if I ran into that problem I just used Quicktime to convert it to mp4, but after watching that Ministry clip I posted earlier this week, I got fed up with the poor compression Pandas. I’ve now switched to using SUPER © which did an awesome job with this clip and I would highly recommend it if you have problems with Videora Download windows movie maker 2012.

Download: Operation Ivy – Healthy Body Sick Mind (Live Video)