I’ve written about Siglo XX before and how they have been constantly compared to Joy Division. I recently came across this 1983 show recorded at Melkweg in Amsterdamn which I was pretty surprised to find. The most interesting part of the recording was this Joy Division cover. Ironically, their version of “Day Of The Lords” sounds a lot less like Joy Division than some of their original songs.
[audio: http://thesoundofindie.com/archive/2007/20070227/SigloXX-DayOfTheLords.mp3|titles=Day Of The Lords (Live)|artists=Siglo XX]
Download: Siglo XX – Day Of The Lords (Live Joy Division Cover)


  1. Great blog (unfortunately only snippets but you put up things we could never imagine they existed).
    I’m a big Siglo XX fan – Do you know anywhere else on the web I can find this gig? Even on Soulseek…

  2. Please fix the download file, I just heard this cover and it was AMAZING! Whenever I try to download it says file not found, please help me!!!

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