The Hot Toddies – Jaguar Love (Live)

The first time I saw The Hot Toddies play they were the opening band for a show that I attended at Mr Download the song Myeongtae. T’s Bowl in Highland Park. They were a pleasant surprise since I generally try to avoid opening bands due to their overall tendency to be pretty crummy Download drdos. The Hot Toddies finally made it back to LA last week and they ended up playing a big club in Hollywood which was a completely different experience c 이클립스 다운로드. They were still great, but it was kind of amusing to see them playing in a huge rock club that usually caters to washed up metal bands instead of a nice, intimate, run-down venue like Mr 불량도 다운로드. T’s. They played a smaller club two days later, but unfortunately I had to miss the show. This is a recording of my favorite song of theirs from their show at The Key Club 축복합니다 mp3.
[audio:|titles=Jaguar Love (Live)|artists=The Hot Toddies]
Download: The Hot Toddies – Jaguar Love (Live)