Devendra Banhart – The Body Breaks (Live)

One thing I can’t stand is the whole “singer/songwriter” genre, but for some reason I still end up liking Devendra Banhart. I saw him open for Michael Gira a couple of years ago at Spaceland here in Los Angeles, and when he came out, not only did he not have a shirt on, but he played on top of a folding table while sitting cross-legged. Just the sound of that makes me annoyed, but he ended up being good enough that I could look past all that. This song was recorded live by a friend of mine in 2004 at North Six in Brooklyn and will probably be the last “singer/songwriter” post for a while. I think I average about 1 a year.
[audio:|titles=The Body Breaks (Live)|artists=Devandra Banhart]
Download: Devendra Banhart – The Body Breaks (Live)

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