With the huge amount of bands that directly rip off other bands, I keep waiting for the one who is going to do a good Ultra Vivid Scene. I find it interesting when reading various bios about UVS and how they talk about how Kurt Ralske continued on with solo work after UVS. From what I know, UVS was always just Kurt with other members playing his stuff. They are certainly one of my favorite 4AD bands and I was thrilled to come across this live recording, even though it sounds like the tape was played back a little slow.
[audio: http://thesoundofindie.com/archive/2006/20060908/UVS-Bloodline.mp3|titles=Bloodline (Live) |artists=Ultra Vivid Scene]
Download: Ultra Vivid Scene – Bloodline (Live)

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  1. Hello hope you are well came across your link looking for uvs live stuff-do you have any other live stuff in cds format?Really underated I met kurt in newcastle many years ago before a gig and he signed my she screamed 12″ peace love and leather kurt..cheers jason

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