I had a request for some The VSS, so this song will make at least one person very happy. The VSS were one of the first “hardcore” bands that I saw that used a keyboard which, unlike a lot of the bands I’ve seen lately, was pretty innovative. The other thing that made them stand out was that they brought their own light show on tour. This song was recorded live in Harrisburgh, VA in 1997 during what I think was their one and only full US tour. Also, make sure to check out Post Punk Junk for some post-VSS songs and comments.
[audio: http://thesoundofindie.com/archive/2006/20060823/VSS-LunarWeight.mp3|titles=Lunar Weight (Live) |artists=The VSS]
Download: The VSS – Lunar Weight (Live)


  1. Hey, great song. I think it was me who requested vss stuff. Unfortunately there isnt much out there, although from what i’ve been told Sonny is compiling all of it for some sort of future release.

    Also was wondering if you’ve come across any late period love life shows??

    Anyways, keep up the great stuff. This is one of the few sites i check daily and its always quality stuff.


  2. holy cow! this is the first time i hear the VSS live! forgive me, but i just need to ask. do you have the full set on tape or even video ? They’re one of my fave bands ever.

    btw, i made thesoundofindie.com website of the week on our site. great read.

  3. Man, I’dve given you a backrub for more VSS, but fortunately, Hydrahead’s about to do a DVD and reissue of “Nervous Circuits”. One of the best I saw in ’97.

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