The Creatures – You! (Live Video)

[flv: 426 320]

The Creatures – You Private Vimeo! (Live Video)
Megamix (France)

This past weekend I was at a party and was chatting with a fellow who got to see The Creatures on the “Boomerang” tour Allride Assault. We both agreed out of all the Siouxise/Creatures stuff that has ever been released, “Boomerang” is the best of the best Download The Wyong River. Just when I thought the record couldn’t get any better, I finally bought it on vinyl a couple of years ago and the mastering on the vinyl is so much better than the CD μ•„κΈ° λ™μš” mp3. This track was recorded live on French television for the Megamix program.

Download: The Creatures – You Download the number image! (Live Video)