First off, I’ll say that I absolutely love The Magnetic Fields. I’ve loved them ever since I came across the “All The Umbrellas In London” 7″. The very first time I was supposed to see The Magnetic Fields live, they were playing a one-off show in Chicago. Flying in, playing the show, flying back to NYC. I lived in Minneapolis which is about 6 hours away, so my friend and I hopped in the car, drove down, got to the show and then found out that they had canceled due to Stephen getting sick. We skipped the show, which I later regretted since The Pulsars opened, but the trip wasn’t a total loss since Jessamine played an instore the next day. I didn’t actually get to see The Magnetic Fields until a couple of years later when they were opening for Yo La Tengo.

This song was recorded live at The Mercury Lounge in 1995.
[audio:|titles=Pillow Fight (Live) |artists=The Magnetic Fields]
Download: Magnetic Fields – Pillow Fight (Live)

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  1. OMG! I think I was at this show. If it’s the same one it ended with The MF covering “More Than a Feeling.” I miss seeing Stephin skulking around the EVill in dive (gay) bars smoking American Spirits and writing those amazing songs.

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