Six months ago I had my car stolen from a subway stop while I was at work. About a week later, the police called to let me know that they had pulled over my car and two women in their late-30s who apparently were meth addicts were driving. When I went to recover it from the impound lot, they had thrown all my stuff out and filled the car with their junk. Acrylic nails, sprinkler system parts, kitty litter, a stolen bottle of gin and tons of crap all over my car. The only thing that I got back was my Space Mtn. EP which was still in the CD player. Who knows, maybe they are fans now, but if I ever see them at a Space Mtn. show, they are in for a world of hurt.

As far as this track goes, it was recorded live earlier this week at Temple Bar. Make sure to check them out tonight at El Cid.
[audio:|titles=Hovercraft (Live)|artists=Space Mtn.]
Download: Space Mtn. – Hovercraft (Live)

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