The new Walkmen record comes out next month, but they have been playing tracks from the record live for the last couple of months. This track comes from a show in Columbus last month. From the few tracks I’ve heard off the new record, I think it’s going to be even better than “Bows + Arrows.”
[audio:|titles=Louisiana (Live)|artists=The Walkmen]
Download: The Walkmen – Louisiana (Live)


  1. i love live recordings, but dammit, i wanted to hear the horns. i’m sure you know this, but they have a studio Louisiana on their myspace page. nonetheless, i agree with you on it being better than bows and arrows

  2. I like the produced version of this track as well, but there’s a lot to be said about the Walkmen’s live sound, even if it’s missing the horns. Their music is like drunken stumbling turned into an elegant dance, and their live sound achieves this quality even more than the blessedly unproduced recordings on their albums.

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