I guess this is the week of Human League related posts. Over the years, ClockDVA has had members from Human League, Heaven 17, and Caberet Voltaire. This song was recorded live in Italy in 1993 and I have absolutely no idea what the announcers are talking about at the beginning of this track. Presumably they are saying how amazing ClockDVA were live, at least that’s what I would be saying.

Photo by Paul Browse
[audio: http://thesoundofindie.com/archive/2006/20060224/ClockDVA-Hide.mp3|titles=Hide (Live)|artists=ClockDVA]
Download: ClockDVA – Hide (Live)


  1. Ha! The two guys are talking about how much time they have before the next broadcast is going to start. The first guys starts by saying that this track is the third one the band will be playing today; it should be “Hide.” He is worried about how much time they have. His colleague tells him it is currenty 2246; they have 12 minutes before they need to move on. The first fellow says his watch isn’t so precise, so the second guy will have to tell him when to change. Also, now the volume is very high and it’s difficult to talk, so he’ll quit talking and wait till after the song.

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