My friend Michelle was a fanatical Swirlies fan and I became one as well after she made me a mix tape with a bunch of their songs on it. She was also the one who convinced me to put on their show when their booking agent called me up. This song is from that show which I helped to put on at The Whole Music Club on the University of Minnesota campus. It was always great to be able bankroll shows of bands that I like with student service fees. Swirlies were touring for the “They Spent Their Wild…” record that had just come out and it was an amazing performance. I saw them again about a year ago and they still put on a great show.
[audio:|titles=Jeremy Parker (Live)|artists=Swirlies]

Download: Swirlies – Jeremy Parker (Live)


  1. Kevin,
    Another astounding post of a severely underrated and overlooked (except among those who were looking) group. I went to school in Boston during the early to mid 90s and must’ve seen the Swirlies over twenty times during that period (and a handful of times since when they’ve deigned to reconvene and play out, which has been all too rare). This is a stellar recording. I hate to impose upon your generosity again (I sing your praises each time I bust out your Komeda live set) but did they play “Sunn” during this set? If so, any way you could hook me up? It was (and still is) my favorite live Swirlies song, so vastly superior to the rather subdued album version (which was still quite good, but it was such a monster live).

    Much obliged and many profuse thanks,

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