Satisfact – Life Abroad (Live)

Satisfact was the OG of 80’s new wave influenced bands 훈민정음 오피스 2000. This song is from when the played at Extreme Noise Records in Minneapolis in 1996. “The Unwanted Sounds Of…” had just come out and I had heard it once at the store, but I knew that I needed to see them live Download the song collection. They set up and casually started into “First Incision.” By the end of their set, there was no way the crowd was going to let them go after only playing 7 songs Download Melomans Greetings. Someone requested they play “the song with the hand claps” as an encore and they obliged.
[audio:|titles=Life Abroad (Live)|artists=Satisfact]

Download: Satisfact – Life Abroad (Live)