Thanks to the HNIA fans who told me the name of this song. I’ve never been a big HNIA fan, but I had always heard they were great live. This show was in a small sit-down theater in Minneapolis and it was crazy. I remember HNIA had this huge cardboard whale that they were trying to navigate through the tiny isles and kept on knocking people over. All the songs they played were awesome and I left there mesmerized. I’ve seen them a couple of times since then but it has been no comparison to this show.
[audio:|titles=Bad Luck Girl/Country Girl (Live)|artists=His Name Is Alive]

Download: His Name Is Alive – Bad Luck Girl / Country Girl (Live)


  1. That would be ‘Country Girl’ from the ‘Stars on ESP’ album, the one Kozelek cowrote a song for. I agree they haven’t been the same since around this time, live or on record. New singer, new sound. Not my cup of tea, though the new ‘Summerbird’ EP, a free download from their website, is quite good.

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