There’s something about bands from Sweden. It seems like they are always great at whatever sound they are trying to master. Komeda is a fantastic live band who takes the sound of Stereolab and gives it a more rocking feel. This song was recorded at the Popstad Festival in Sweden in 1997.
[audio:|titles=More Is More (Live)|artists=Komeda]

Download: Komeda – More Is More (Live)


  1. A scandalously overlooked band – always felt they suffered unjustly from the Stereolab comparison – they were (are) a much more dynamic and lively group. Okay, but seriously…WHERE did you get this? I’ve been hunting high and low for eight years for exactly this. I saw Komeda twice in 1998, and they are to this day two of the best shows I’ll ever likely see. Dunno if you’d be up for a trade or what (I don’t have a ton to offer, though I have some harder to find studio cuts of Komeda)….

  2. Every person I meet that has good taste in music gets a Komeda mix tape from me. It’s a shame that they (apparently) are no more. Cheers

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