The Moools – いるいらない (Live)

갤럭시 앱 다운로드

Tokyo’s The Moools opened on Wolf Parade’s recent North American tour.  They are well-known to aficionados of the Pacific Northwest music scene, having been strongly associated with K Records and opening for Modest Mouse and Quasi at various times.  The title of this song, the closer from their set in suburban Cincinnati, is “I Do Not Need That” (at least, according to Google Translate).  It starts off more quietly than the other songs they played that evening, but ends up in the chaotic sprawl that seems characteristic of their style 스텝업5.

Front man Yasuaki Sakai won over the crowd halfway through the set when he explained, slowly and in halting English, that they had come from a very long way away, and that their luggage was very heavy, and they had carried it all the way from Japan, so…”please, buy our stuff.”  He repeated this last line several times 기상청 다운로드.

Download: The Moools – I Do Not Need That (Live)

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