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The English Beat – Tenderness (Live)

I caught The English Beat last week in New York on a leg of their 30th Anniversary tour fedora 23 다운로드. It seems that many of the most notable shows of 2008 were bands from the 80s or 90s that I only knew tangentially in their heyday, but out of a vague curiosity decided to catch when coming through town in whatever their current incarnation 짱구 어른제국의 역습. Almost without fail, they have been really great shows. This English Beat show ranks along with Wire and Suicide as recent shows where I came out thinking, “Why didn’t I pay closer attention to this band sooner?” The English Beat and their Two-Tone sound made for a fun vibe and a fun crowd 기타코드 다운로드. The English Beat played nearly two hours and included a few songs from David Wakeling’s post English Beat project, General Public, as well Download Shin Young Girl. My brother and wife have both independently lamented about being unable to find General Public songs on iTunes and elsewhere so I will include “Tenderness”, as recently performed live by The English Beat swf player 다운로드.

[audio:|titles=Tenderness (Live)|artists=The English Beat]

Download: The English Beat – Tenderness (Live)

The English Beat – Mirror In The Bathroom (Live)

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I’ve been going to Rocksteady night at the local gay bar on Mondays so I’ve found myself listening to a lot more reggae and dub music as of late Download spl viewer. The Beat are as close to ska as I’ll ever get, so when I do get the itch to listen to ska, out comes “I Just Can’t Stop It.” This song is a live recording of my favorite
Beat song which was recorded in 1982 at the Jamaica World Music Fest 솔리드웍스.
[audio:|titles=Mirror In The Bathroom (Live)|artists=The English Beat]
Download: The English Beat – Mirror In The Bathroom (Live)