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Depeche Mode – It’s No Good (Live)

It is in rarefied company that three decades into their career Depeche Mode still manage to sell out mega-venues like Madison Square Garden 익스플로러 파일 자동. I went to the first night of the two night NYC stand. It never ceases to impress – especially in a venue of that size – that nearly every song was accompanied by audience-wide sing alongs 크롬 오프라인.

I can’t say I have kept up with DM too much since my Mom (!), unprompted by me, bought Violater, although I must note that the Kruder and Dorfmeister remix of “Useless” is beyond killer 문장사. After the K+D take on the Ultra single, I was hoping that DM would take the cue and continue in that vein and perhaps even have K+D produce their future records 똥왕의 분노. That didn’t happen of course, but if I run into any of the remaining goons in DM, I will be sure to bring it up. Here is the other main single off of Ultra as recorded live at the August 3 show 카케구루이 드라마.

[audio:|titles=It’s No Good (Live)|artists=Depeche Mode]

Download: Depeche Mode – It’s No Good (Live)

Wayne Hussey – Personal Jesus (Depeche Mode Cover Live Video)

[flv: 426 320]

Wayne Hussey – Personal Jesus
The Highline Ballroom
New York City, NY

Last week Wayne Hussey of Sisters of Mercy and Mission UK fame performed solo acoustic as support to Miles Hunt, (also acoustic and largely solo), of the Wonder Stuff borland c++ 다운로드. I missed the first few songs of Wayne Hussey’s set but it seemed that most of the set was comprised of covers. Some of the more notable covers were “Ashes to Ashes” by David Bowie, and “A Night Like This” by The Cure Download paperport. Other covers included Radiohead and U2. Betwixt covers Wayne tossed in some Mission UK songs like “Kingdom Come”, “Severina”, and “Butterfly on a Wheel” Download the subversion edge. To end the set, he played a medley of songs including the Neil Young cover of “Like a Hurricane”, “Wasteland”, and “Tower of Strength.”

I for one wish he stuck more to his own recorded catalog (particularly God’s Own Medicine and First Chapter) or even some Sisters of Mercy songs that he wrote/co-wrote Download jazz music. (I believe I have heard a version of “Marian” sung by Wayne Hussey).

Download: Wayne Hussey – Personal Jesus (Depeche Mode Cover Live Video)

Dean And Britta – Don’t Let Your Youth Go To Waste (Live Jonathon Richman Cover)

Since the recent September 9 posts featuring a track from a recent Dean and Britta show, I have had numerous requests to post the whole set .net framework 4.7.2 다운로드. I am not going to post the set until after the Presidential elections and here is why:

Last week, I got a request, among many, from Howard Wolfson, a Fox News pundit, for a full recording of the recent Dean and Britta show (see Sept 09 post) Download large Excel files. Wolfson has also recently started a politics/music blog: .

My response:


I appreciate your interest in the Dean and Britta show and congrats on your new blog Download mesh mixer. I am in a bit of a quandary since it seems you are associated with Fox News. I, for one take to heart the simple axiom: “You are only as good as the company you keep”, which in the case of Fox News, as a company, doesn’t get any worse 화재경보음. Regardless your politically leanings or good intentions, you are simply another tool for the colossal super-conducting super-colliding horseshit/noise-generating machine that is Fox News Download the Famicom game.

So as an act of conscious, I have to respond to your affiliation with the professionally malignant entity that is Fox News and withhold the recording until after the election 360도 동영상 다운로드.

So concerning the Dean and Britta show: If Obama wins this election, you (and all TSOI readers) will get a copy of the truly sublime recording Original download of Naver tv. If, however, the unconscionable happens – that those other two are elected – no one will hear that full recording and Fox News will largely be to blame French dictionary.

All, Thanks for your patience. Fox really does ruin everything. Here is another track from the Dean and Britta show:
[audio:|titles= Don’t Let Your Youth Go To Waste (Live) (Live)|artists=Dean and Britta]
Download: Dean And Britta – Don’t Let Your Youth Go To Waste (Live Jonathon Richman Cover)
[audio:|titles=You Turn My Head Around (Live)|artists=Dean and Britta]
Bonus Download: Dean And Britta – You Turn My Head Around (Live)

Photo by Franck Dewannieux eviews 8 다운로드.