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The Monday Set: Dead Silence – Rapid City, SD – 3/5/94

Dead Silence
JJ’s Rose Arcade
Rapid City, SD

Here’s a set from one of the best mid-west punk bands out there Steam Bag. Dead Silence were one of the most political bands I can think of, easily up there with the likes of Los Crudos, etc. They were also one of the first bands I can remember that wrote songs about animal rights Roller coaster tycoon. This is a really great recording taken off the soundboard. If anyone has the names of the “Unknown Tracks”, I would love to find them out fritzing 다운로드.

Set List:
1. Unknown Track
2. Talking
3. Faith River
4. Why?
5. Out of This World
6. Talking
7. We Turn Away
8 Download Jiaizo 2. Talking
9. Belly Full Of Lies
10. Can you?

Update: Thanks to Joel for the song titles.

[audio:|titles=Belly Full of Lies (Live)|artists=Dead Silence]

Download: Dead Silence – Rapid City, SD – 3/5/94 – 131 MB

Dead Silence – We Turn Away (Live Video)

[flv: 426 320]

Dead Silence – We Turn Away
Ft 제너레이션 오브 카오스. Collins, CO

Dead Silence played the very first punk show I ever attended way back on January 14, 1989 and I’m thinking this video was recorded some time before that date 이클립스 neon. Unfortunately the video is a little messed up and cuts the song at the end, but I doubt you’re going to find a lot of other Dead Silence footage out there Download the Ipin app.

Download: Dead Silence – We Turn Away (Live Video)