The Monday Set(s): Holy Ghost! – NYC – 2/2/11 & 4/1/11

Holy Ghost!I’ve been sitting on these Holy Ghost sts 64-bit! shows for a while, but I figured it was time for me to get off my ass and post them. Since both of these sets are not full length I decided to bundle them into a single post 뮤즈 스코어. It’s an interesting juxtaposition in venues. Mercury Lounge is a small room that bands play when they’re on the way up, and Terminal 5 is the big place they play when they’ve made it Download tokuro.

The Mercury Lounge show was an early show which started at 8 for some reason. I got the feeling that it was simply a warm up show for the tour the band was about to embark on download ms subscribers. It’s funny to listen to how mellow this crowd is and the band sounds considering that now they are bona fide rock stars and have sold out every headlining show they played in NYC after this one (3 to date) audio 태그 다운로드. I’m glad I got to see these guys in such an intimate environment before they blew the fuck up.

The Terminal 5 show took place during the bands’ tour with Cut Copy on April 1st (see previous TSOI post) Download WebSquare Excel. This week was a busy concert week at Terminal 5, full of DFA-related bands. LCD Soundsystem had just finished up their 4 night T5 run leading up to their farewell gig (see previous TSOI post), followed by this tour rolling into town for 2 nights 설문지 양식. This LCD overload may account for the fact that the place was half empty when Holy Ghost! took the stage.

Mercury Lounge 02/02/11
1 인게임. Static on the Wire
2. It’s Not Over
3. Hold On
4. Say My Name
5. Hold My Breath
6. Wait and See
7. Slow Motion
8 Download the movie shutter. Do It Again
9. I Will Come Back
10. Jam for Jerry

Download: Holy Ghost 디베이스! – New York City – 2/2/11 – 324 MB

Sample: Hold On (Live)
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Terminal 5 04/01/11
1. Wait and See
2. Hold On
3. It’s Not Over
4. Slow Motion
5. Do It Again
6. I Will Come Back
7. Jam for Jerry

Download: Holy Ghost! – New York City – 4/1/11 – 208 MB

Sample: Do It Again (Live)
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