TV on the Radio was on tour this past spring in support of their soon to be released album “Nine Types of Light”. April 12, the albums’ release date was left conspicuously open on the band’s itinerary. About a week before, the band announced this special club show at the Music Hall of Williamsburg in their hometown of Brooklyn. With the aide of my trusty mouse-clicking finger, my web browsers’ Refresh button, and my advanced captcha entering skills, I was able to snag tickets before they sold out in one minute.

After sitting through the comedy/hip hop stylings of Das Racist, TV on the Radio started things off with slow jams “Killer Crane” from the new album and classic “Young Liars”. By the third song, they had kicked in full intensity and sounded more like a punk band than the indie darlings that they are. This turned out to be the theme of the night. “Staring at the Sun” for instance, was played with much more zeal than the subdued versions found on two of their albums.

The next night, the band played the cavernous Radio City Music Hall, which is one of my least favorite venues. It’s all seats, the sound sucks, and drinks are overpriced. I’m glad I was fortunate enough to attend this show, as I can’t possibly see this set translating as well in that place. Sadly, a couple weeks after the show, this tour was cut short by the tragic death of longtime bass player Gerard Smith, who lost his battle with lung cancer.

Music Hall of Williamsburg 04/12/11
1. Killer Crane
2. Young Liars
3. The Wrong Way
4. Caffeinated Consciousness
5. Dancing Choose
6. You
7. Blues From Down Here
8. Keep Your Heart
9. Province
10. Will Do
11. Staring at the Sun
12. Repetition
13. Wolf Like Me

14. Forgotten
15. Red Dress
16. Satellite

Download: TV On The Radio – Brooklyn – 4/12/11 – 110 MB

Sample: Satellite (Live)
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