Kisses: Bermuda (Live): CMJ 2010 Part 2/10

CMJ 2010 Report Part 2 of 10.

This past October, sorry, Rocktober, New York hosted its yearly CMJ (College Music Journal) Music Marathon. As the name indicates, The CMJ Music Marathon is a massive concentration of 100s of bands that descend on NYC like locusts and swarm every NYC venue over the course of a week. There are those out there that like to believe that it is a indicator of the stylistic forces that will drive major musical themes for the coming years.

The faithful TSOI reader will have noted that there has been a recent outcropping of synth bands, in particular of the format of female vocal with dude on keys and sequencer variety – Ting Tings, Glass Candy, La Roux, etc. There is also Hot Chip, Cut Copy [Both of which played CMJ 2005], Dragonette, Chairlift, and many others that are enjoying fairly wide-spread success. If CMJ 2010 is a harbinger of things to come, then we are in for a lot more of these sorts of New Wave era keyboard centric configurations. Kisses and the previously featured (see CMJ 2010 Part 1/10) Holy Ghost! are two such examples. Kisses are the Male/Female vocal duo format that, for whatever reason, suits synth bands so well and is wisely finding its way into many involved in this contemporary New Wave resurgence.

Below is a live track from CMJ. Also be sure to check the archives for a live track as posted by TSOI’s LA operative: or click here

Download: Kisses: Bermuda (Live)

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