Washington DC’s Teenbeat Records, one of the all-time best and now longest running indie labels out there, hosted a small showcase tour celebrating 26 years of continual raddness. Unrest, Tuscadero and others were brought out of hibernation making it among the major music events of the year. For me though, the highest of the many highlights might be the reformation of The Rondelles, a band I saw several times at Brownies, back in the day. I caught their first (pre-Teenbeat showcase) show at the Rock Shop in Brooklyn – which turned out to be the first (unofficial) show hosted by the new venue.

This show, I suspect, might have been simply an opportunity for a first rehearsal.  I don’t think they have performed together, formally or informally, before this show since the many (8 or so) years they disbanded.   Needless to say, the set was a bit ramshackle but the audience, if not the band, had a great time.  I am still thanking me lucky stars for catching wind of the last-minute announced show.

In the coming weeks, TSOI will feature live tracks from the Teenbeat (Unrest OMG!!) showcase (July 9 NYC show only), so stay tuned!

[audio: http://www.thesoundofindie.com/archive/2010/20100721/Rondelles-MissionIrresistible.mp3|titles=Mission: Irresistible (Live)|artists=The Rondelles]

Download: The Rondelles – Mission: Irresistible (Live)


  1. Unrest with the Teenbeat played two NYC shows, one on a Monday and one on the following Friday. The Monday show had True Love Always, Tuscadero, and Unrest while the Friday had Unrest with Rondelles, Cotton Candy and Versus. Unfortunately I was out of town during the first show so no Tuscadero. There will be posts by Bossanova, Unrest, Versus, and Cotton Candy though.

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