Frog Eyes – The Sensitive Girls (Live)

Like nearly every band in Canada, Frog Eyes has some connection to Wolf Parade.  It seems, to me anyway, that if a Canadian band is not in the Wolf Parade sphere-of-influence (Handsome Furs, Swan Lake, Sunset Rubdown, etc) than it must be part of the equally prolific Broken Social Scene sphere.  I just hope that the apparent musical inbreeding stays platonic, because if not, look out!, you will see some weird looking progeny over there on our northern boarder in the coming years After 2019.

I can’t remark too much on Frog Eyes other than a friend of mine is a mega-fan and enticed me into checking them out live by indicating that they pattern themselves after Skinny Puppy Download ted lectures.   I saw no indication of any Skinny Puppy influence but maybe the remark was made because both are from British Columbia and bands can’t help but mention the local predecessors from their region as a matter of course.  Anyway, what I do know, and what some might find interesting,  is that this particular show also included numbers from one of Carey Mercer’s other (!) projects, Blackout Beach Download Sims 4 mode.

I liked the show and also like the opening band Beach Fossil, which I will feature in the coming days.

This is a live version of a track from Frog Eye’s recently released and well received album, Paul’s Tomb: A Triumph Aide2.

[audio:|titles=The Sensitive Girls (Live)|artists=Frog Eyes]

Download: Frog Eyes – The Sensitive Girls (Live)