The Wedding Present swept through town doing what many bands are doing these days – performing a classic album in its entirely. I suppose some might argue that Seamonsters is their best album, but one thing is certain, no true fan of The Wedding Present is out there without Bizzaro prominently placed in their collection.

At this show, Gedge and co. blew through some new songs plus a few standards before blazing through the jangle-fest that is Bizarro. I hope he put some ice on his pic hand after the show, especially after the marathon that is “Take Me!” Note that they played the UK original release and not the extended US version with the Pavement cover “Box Elder” and other notable tracks. This brings me to a point of contention. David, if you are going to come waltzing in our country, playing our venues, taking our American cash, you sure as fuck better play the US (superior) version and not some water-downed UK version. You hear me you limey bastards! Oh yeah: USA! USA!

Let’s make sure they don’t make that mistake again.

Here is a selection that I am guessing doesn’t get played live too often.

[audio:|titles=What Have I Said Now? (Live)|artists=The Wedding Present]

Download: The Wedding Present – What Have I Said Now? (Live)


  1. I wonder when Bizarro was originally released if it was even available on CD. Back in ’89 there might have only been the cassette/vinyl option. Though I would have loved to have heard Box Elder. Great sounding recording!

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