Superpowers Cassette
Troubleman Unlimited 0.5

We were off last week, but we’re back and with what is probably the most requested thing out of my entire music collection. I’ve put it off for a while since it meant tracking down the original zine, scanning it in, encoding the cassette, etc., etc., but here it is in it’s entirety, both the cassette and book. As you can see by the track listing, it could very well be one of the best punk rock compilations to have ever been produced. This comes from one of the first 300 hand-dubbed cassettes. Another 700 were psudo-professionally made for a total of 1,000. A lot of these tracks can only be found here (including stuff that never made it on official “complete discographies” of some of the individual bands). The quality of the recordings vary greatly, but most of the tracks are stellar. Also included in the zine are interviews with record label Simple Machines, Rorschach, Shudder To Think, Sticks and Stones, as well as a Merel tour diary.

Disc 1:
1. Unknown Artist – 123 And
2. Three Shades Of Dirty – For The Mean While
3. Sticks And Stones – Theme Song For Nothing
4. Iconoclast – Blind
5. Husaipungo – Unity
6. Husaipungo – Union
7. One Blood – Settlers Nations
8. Sleeper – 10 Miles
9. Born Against – Shanks/X-Mas Eve
10. Matter Of Fact (Policy Of Three) – Declination
11. Avail – Stride
12. Avail – All About It
13. Greyhouse – Evernearing Joy
14. Herion – Has Been
15. Heroin – Head Cold
16. Struggle – Pigs On Fire
17. Assuck – Within-Without
18. Unknown Artist – Hey Suck My Balls
19. Unknown Artist
20. Unknown Artist – Twilight

Disc 2:
1. Yoda – 900 Years Old
2. 1.6 Band – One Eye Open
3. Crashwagon – Instant Deity
4. Moss Icon – Sioux Day
5. Freak Beans – Unknown Track
6. Rorschach – Cut The Wheel (Live)
7. Rorschach – Shanks (Live)
8. Hoonah – Bert
9. Crisis Of Faith – Doctor Of Death
10. Chisel – Sloth
11. Merel – Daydreamer
12. Merel – Wrong Again
13. Spork – Look
14. Spork – Nice
15. Tsunami – Flameproof Suit
16. Shudder To Think – About These Dreams
17. Shudder To Think – Rain Covered Cat
18. Shudder To Think – Day Ditty
19. Unknown Artist – 3 Dudes

Download: Superpowers Cassette – 547 MB

Download: Superpowers Booklet/Wanna Communicate #3 – 43 MB


  1. Thanks much for posting this! I still have my original cassette, though I have no idea where my zine went. I’ve been hankering to hear it recently after finding some Shudder to Think rarities and currently have no way to upload it digitally, so thanks again!

  2. It took me a while to track down my zine as well. Fortunately I had converted the cassette to CD a few years ago so I had the tracks. The zine is a really interesting read as well. I really liked the Simple Machines interview.

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