We Landed on the Moon! – The Good Fight (Live)


Local band We Landed on the Moon Download My Home Entertainment Room4 710! headlined a homecoming show that also featured Elsinore the other night to celebrate the release of their new album “This Will Be One for the Books.” (More on Elsinore a little later.)   I had been meaning to see WLotM cj 서체 다운로드! for  a long time now, but somehow always missed them.  I’m glad I caught them this time — they’re fun and fast and poppy, and they have a great time on stage together.  Singer Melissa Eccles has a remarkable and powerful voice 영어회화 pdf. I can only hope Baton Rouge starts to turn out more bands with this kind of potential.  God knows this town needs them.

[audio: http://www.thesoundofindie.com/archive/2010/20100224/WLOTM-TheGoodFight.mp3|titles=The Good Fight (Live)|artists=We Landed on the Moon!]

Download: We Landed on the Moon 아이폰 youtube mp3! – The Good Fight (Live)