Naked Raygun are among the many 1980s era punk bands that I have caught live over the past few years (with many of these shows featured here on TSOI): Suicidal Tendencies, Killing Joke, Rancid, Agent Orange, FEAR, The Circle Jerks, The Vandals, 7 Seconds, etc.

[Note that nearly all of these bands are from California. Why dat?]

Naked Raygun are from Chicago thereby setting them apart a bit by simply not being from California. Naked Raygun, although political, I found to be treading more towards the pop spectrum and were more accessible than most. With this show, and, now that I think about it, as with most of these shows, my reticence in seeing a reformed band was swiftly allayed since they still kill live and sound great.

This track, “Treason” is a song that I requested many a time…too many a time, undoubtedly annoying many a dj at my local college radio station. I thank them for being good sports.

[audio:|titles=Treason (Live)|artists=Naked Raygun]

Download: Naked Raygun – Treason (Live)


  1. Very true, Rancid is not 80’s and are part of the ‘next generation’ bands but two of the members are from Operation Ivy, which is why I tossed them in the list. I guess I consider Rancid more old school then thier dates of tenure as a band would suggest. Ultimately, you are right, they shouldn’t really be included.

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