Striken City made it on my Top 10 of 2009, but I just realized I’ve never posted a track from the record up here to spread the word. Their debut record “Songs About People I Know” came out on Kora late last year and I finally got the vinyl in the mail right after X-mas. Their angular guitar playing and catchy rhythms make Stricken City stand out among the plethora of newish over-hyped UK band. This track is being pushed as “the single” but every track on the record is just as good.

[audio:|titles=Small Things|artists=Stricken City]

Download: Stricken City – Small Things

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  1. I’m really into Stricken City so I’m glad you mentioned them 🙂 I was trying to find bands similar to them. I came across this new band also from Liverpool called Sound of Guns, don’t know if you’ve heard of them but see what you think. I’d really recommend them. Here is their official site-

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