A track from this concert on 4 April 2007, at Chelsea’s (Baton Rouge, LA), was already posted a while ago: “TROUBLE,” by openers Love of Diagrams.  Here, finally, is a song from the main act that night, Ted Leo and the Pharmacists.  This is one of my favorites by them, “Little Dawn,” from 2004’s “Shake the Streets.”  Both acts that night were recorded through the sound board, so the quality is fairly good, though the vocals are, as usual for a sound-board recording in a small club, too prominent.

It’s been long enough now that my primary memories of this show are that it came in the middle of spring break (thank you, academic calendar) and that at various points in the show, Leo complained of undisclosed technical difficulties and had to ask for the levels to be changed after pretty much every song.  He contrasted these problems with his previous time at Chelsea’s (which I think was before my time in BR), when he apparently lost his voice during “Where Have All the Rude Boys Gone?”  So I guess this was a more positive experience.  Maybe when he shows up in New Orleans this April, all the issues will have been sorted out…

[audio: http://thesoundofindie.com/archive/2010/20100119/TL-LittleDawn.mp3|titles=Little Dawn (Live)|artists=Ted Leo and the Pharmacists]

Download: Ted Leo and the Pharmacists – Little Dawn (Live)

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