Raphael Saadiq – Staying In Love

This week is going to be about posting stuff that I’ve been meaning to write about that’s been sitting my inbox vmware fusion 7 다운로드. First of is Raphael Saadiq. I have no idea how this record slipped completely by me for over a year, especially seeing that it was up for 3 Grammy awards and voted Best Album on iTunes, although I’m probably not the target demographic for “Best R&B Album” most of the time PC 앱 다운로드. I guess this proves that there is some worthwhile “mainstream music” out there after all. Raphael just came through LA a few days before I heard this track, otherwise I would have been at the show for sure gba bios 다운로드. It’s a fantastic 60’s soul throwback record, which I love, done with some seriously talented people. I should go back and put an asterisk on my best of 2008 records to include this one because it’s straight up amazing Dancing Algeagency. If you’re digging this track, do yourself a favor and be sure to check out the full album “The Way I See It.”

[audio: http://www.thesoundofindie.com/archive/2009/20091201/RS-StayingInLove.mp3|titles=Staying In Love|artists=Raphael Saadiq]

Download: Raphael Saadiq – Staying In Love