This fact might blow some minds out there in TSOI-land, but this 2009 tour is Kylie Minogue’s first ever live tour in the US in the twenty years since she released “Locomotion”. Although she has had several massive hits in the US, she evidently hasn’t gained enough critical mass popularity, like she has nearly everywhere else, to waste her time to tour stateside. For some reason, she made an exception this year and tailed out her long running X tour at a few US cities.

The highlight of the show was the gaggle of highly choreographed dancers making in-sync angular movements ala the “Can’t Get You Out of My Head” video, which if you haven’t seen, get on it. Unlike nearly everything else from the history of recorded music that is rehashed and appropriated liberally, gaggles of cool, well trained back-up dancers is a trope that is one that is not used nearly enough, which, is a major reason why I find FischerSpooner and their live performances with Guiliard trained dancers, such a breath of fresh air to indie music. There is no shame in a well executed performance I says.

In case you are wondering (I was), there was no surprise cameo visit with Nick Cave although she did sing a few lines of “Where The Wild Roses Grow”.

[audio:|titles=Like a Drug/Boombox (Live)|artists=Kylie Minogue]

Download: Kylie Minogue – Like a Drug/Boombox (Live)

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