I saw The Pet Shop Boys some years ago on the Nightlife tour and all I can remember from it was being unnecessarily shoved around by Elton John’s entourage while he was en route to his box seats. I was chillin’, minding my own business, not in anyone’s way, and low-and-behold out of nowhere, a gaggle of goons orbiting around Sir Elton came out of nowhere shoving me around causing me to spill my $9 beer. Cold blooded I says.

Back on that Nightlife tour, I was expecting to see some sort of spectacle out of PSBs but I suppose it was during that unfortunate post-grunge post-911 period where going “full turkey” on a stage show was frowned upon. Fortunately on this tour, PSB, supporting ‘Yes’ their new album, went, what I would call “full turkey”. There were cool dancers, backing vocals and set pieces and frequent changes in Neil and Neil wardrobes. Twas sweet. Here is a live cut from one of the recent NYC shows, Love Etc.

[audio: http://www.thesoundofindie.com/archive/2009/20091007/PSB-LoveEtc.mp3|titles=Love Etc. (Live)|artists=Pet Shop Boys]

Download: Pet Shop Boys – Love Etc. (Live)

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