Dead Weather – Will There Be Enough Water? (Live)

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Dead Weather – Will There Be Enough Water 시에라?
La Cigale
Paris, France

This is from Dead Weather’s third ever live show – after Nashville invite-only and London a few days earlier The most common love. This song was one of two songs sung by White, in this case a duet with Alison Mosshart. Jack switched out from behind the drums to play guitar while singing; “Little Jack” Lawrence left his bass for the drums fiddler 다운로드. The song is “Will There Be Enough Water?” This was the closer for the main part of the set, and it’s a bluesy number. Kind of went along with the extraordinary heat in the venue – we almost passed out Download The Law! (According to Joe, the French don’t believe in ventilating their theaters, and this was par for the course.)

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