Generationals – When They Fight, They Fight

I’ll be taking the rest of the week to post a slew of new stuff that’s been sitting in my inbox for the past 6 months that I’ve been meaning to but haven’t had a chance to write about. First up in New Orleans’ Generationals made up of two members of the now defunct The Eames Era. Their new LP Con Law comes out on July 21 and I am eagerly anticipating it. They are streaming half of it on their website right now which I’ve been fanatically listening to the past couple of days. I think the track “When They Fight, They Fight” will easily be remembered as one of the catchiest songs of 2009. They are going out on a west coast tour this summer and I’m looking forward to checking them out at Hotel Cafe here in Los Angeles the end of July.

[audio:|titles=When They Fight, They Fight|artists=Generationals]

Download: Generationals – When They Fight, They Fight

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