The New and Improved Rapid City Punk Rock Archive

As longtime readers of TOSI probably know, a good deal of the older punk rock recordings on this site can also be found on The Rapid City Punk Rock Archive acrobat pro. As one of the many contributors to that site, I’ve spent a lot of time capturing, converting and uploading videos. The site grew to have a ton of information, but unfortunately, it was categorized very poorly 페이스 북. About six months ago I set out to change that. After countless hours of what was essentially data entry, we’re proud to launch the new version of The Rapid City Punk Rock Archive Casablanca movie. Version 2.0 if you will. If you have any interest in punk rock from the mid-eighties through today, you should check it out. You’ll find photos, videos, music, flyers, and essentially a complete history of punk from a small town in South Dakota, population 60,000 (give or take) Download the subtitle for Urban Time. I was around to experience quite a bit of this stuff and consider myself lucky to have grown up in what was known as one of the punkest towns around.

Here’s the link: