cover10 Casey Spooner of FischerSpooner famously remarked “We are putting the ‘fart’ back in art” which they continue to do to great affect with the release of their third (if you discount the numerous releases of the debut) album, Entertainment last month. This new release falls in line with FS‘s other excellent releases #1 and Odyssey.

Of course, with a new album comes a new tour and new elaborate and choreographed stage show. For the third go around, the full band featured in the tour supporting Odyssey was forsaken for a live dj and a return of the backup dancers. I will continue to lament that not enough bands employ dancers, which makes going to a FS show that more special. Madonna, for one thinks so, because she was at the show, as was Patrick Wolf (in feather-winged jacket fallen angel regalia). [Side Note: I remarked to my buddy before the show that no one was in the VIP section, which, I thought odd. Right before the show, a full entourage surrounding a golden tressed lizard came blazing out in the most conspicuous way possible, and I remarked out loud that it must be Madonna and her goons. Sure enough it was. Casey Spooner then proceeded to say “Hey Tom Cruise is in the audience tonight” at the show for the following night.]

Here is a live take on the lead single to Entertainment, “Danse in France”.

[audio:|titles=Danse en France (Live)|artists=FischerSpooner]

Download: FischerSpooner – Danse en France (Live)

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