FEAR – Let’s Have A War (Live)

I have had a recent string of seeing good-to-great shows from reformed/reconstituted bands from the 80s 플리커 앨범. Seeing FEAR in Brooklyn (Lee Ving says that he refuses to play Manhattan) proved to keep the streak (Suicidal Tendencies, ahem, notwithstanding) going clover. FEAR were among the very early LA Punk bands and have been credited with establishing the Hardcore sound adopted by Black Flag and countless others 64-bit pod player. Whatever their influence, I certainly find myself listening to War on 45 on a consistent level and whatever Lee Ving’s intentions for the lyrics in “Let’s Have a War”, I continue to be shocked how prescient and sadly apropos they are to recent events Download Red Wall Wars.

As I have remarked before (see Circle Jerks post) I find that the early LA Punk bands, although generally political and hardcore, always had a good sense of humor, which is rare in rock or, really, in nearly any music CrayonPop fm. Fear, like The Circle Jerks, have a few zinger lines that I find hilarious. In the case for this track, the lines, “Let’s have a War! 애정공우. Start in New Jersey” gets me every time.

[audio: http://www.thesoundofindie.com/archive/2009/20090619/Fear-LetsHaveAWar.mp3|titles=Let’s Have A War (Live)|artists=FEAR]

Download: FEAR – Let’s Have A War (Live)