Post-Punk Junk Series Wraps Up Tonight!

A couple of months ago I wrote about the Post-Punk Junk Video Series the Bret from Egg City Radio was producing at The Cinefamily Download the last gift. It wraps up tonight with Target Video Tribute Night. They are trying close the festival by blowing out the attendance with the main Target dude (Joe Rees) making a live appearance Download the Hancom dictionary! If you happen to be in Los Angeles, it sounds like it’s going to be an amazing event. Here are the details:

4/30 @ 7:30pm
Target Video presents: Raw Power

In 1977, San Francisco-based artist Joe Rees founded Target Video Remember you downloaded ost. Target taped bands in its studio space, in clubs, at parties and on the streets of the world when music television was nonexistent. With a vision and love for underground music and art, Target documented a truly explosive era, and in the process created a massive archive of punk rock performance footage that captured the scene in all its raw clumsiness and exuberance 유튜브 mp4 고화질. Joe Rees and Target co-conspirator Jackie Sharp will be in-person at the Cinefamily to present an epic, two-part program drawing from the seemingly bottomless Target library 유튜브 방송. The first half is a Los Angeles and California-centric program featuring classic footage of local heroes (The Screamers, Black Flag, TSOL) alongside lesser-known-but-equally awesome acts (Nervous Gender, BPeople, The Plugz) 위퍼블. The second half mines the Target library for its rarest nuggets, and features footage of bands that will make music nerds squeal with glee. Ever heard of the Tuff Darts download ida pro? Silence Hospital? Nash The Slash? This may be your one and only chance to ever see these clips, so this night is not to be missed.

Tickets – $12 (you can buy tickets at
The Cinefamily: 611 N 자바 컴파일러. Fairfax Avenue, LA, CA, 90036
Cinefamily website: