Camera Obscura – French Navy (Live)

I consider myself fortunate to have been able to snag a ticket with me nimble fingers to one of the recent Camera Obscura pre-album release shows. When bands are about to release a new album, they will often play some low-key New York venues to test-drive new material before releasing the new album and launching the supporting tour in earnest. With this being one such show, this Camera Obscura set featured plenty of new songs, which is good way to make me happy. (New Camera Obscura album, “My Maudlin Career” predictions: another exquisite batch of female fronted infectious pop shuffles that sound like they were recorded in an empty grain silo. I, for one, can’t wait.)

I have to admit that I initially dismissed Camera Obscura as being Belle & Sebastian understudies, but after 100s of spins through their previous album, “Let’s Get Out of this Country”, I can’t even pretend that it isn’t a gem of an album regardless whether they quaff too closely or not from the same ample waters as their fellow haggis munching peers.

This track recorded live is what I expect to be the first single off of “My Maudlin Career” to be released on April 21.

[audio:|titles=French Navy (Live)|artists=Camera Obscura]

Download: Camera Obscura – French Navy (Live)

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