Venice Is Sinking released their new LP AZAR earlier this week to a slew of rave reviews. There certainly is something familiar about the male/female vocals and overall sound of this track that I couldn’t put my finger on and it was killing me for the past week. I wanted to say Swallow, but I knew that wasn’t it. After listening to the track over and over and over I finally realized it reminds me of another fantastic band that made my Top 10 records and Top 10 shows of 2008 list, Point Juncture, WA. I’m looking forward to hearing the rest of the record and hopefully checking them out live as they are supposed to be going on an “extensive” tour in the near future.

[audio:|titles=Ryan’s Song|artists=Venice Is Sinking]

Download: Venice Is Sinking – Ryan’s Song

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  1. This picture was taken down the street from my house, at the former location of local club Dotties (later Lennys). These guys are local faves, so maybe Atlanta will have another superband on their hands.

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