The Rosebuds – Cemetery Lawn (Live)

I have seen The Rosebuds twice now and their albums have been consistent contenders for my year-end best lists, but I have not posted a live track yet. That is all about to change. The Rosebuds are in support of their recent album “Life Like” that has been dubbed a welcomed ‘return to form’ by most reviewers giving the previous album, “Night of the Furies”, an album I dig quite a bit, the critical backhand. When putting together my 2008 top 10 list I had this to say:

Rosebuds – “Life Like”

Probably due to officious pressure from fans and/or critics The Rosebuds largely ditched the keyboards that I thought suited them so well in the “Night of the Furies” record. They lost the keyboards and I was a bit let down, so this one just misses my Top 10. Tsk Tsk.

Don’t get me wrong, I like the new record, I just thought that they were really on to something with the last record. This track is off of “Night of the Furies” and is good as any for making my case. Whatever the case, they are great to see live are out and about touring right now, so be sure to check them out if you get the chance.

[audio:|titles=Cemetary Lawn (Live)|artists=The Rosebuds]

Download: The Rosebuds – Cemetery Lawn (Live)

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